IMstep: AALO Master Step

IMstep: AALO Master Step

Sunday 26th of November, 2012, the first half of our Master Step group gave their exam classes. Among them was Roxanne Reebergen, my dear colleague. She gave an exciting and very good class. Want to see how she did? Here’s a video of her final!

Sunday 2nd of December, 2012 I gave my exam class. The first one to give his all was Bas, then it was my turn and after me it was up to Melanie, Rebecca and Joy. We got a lot of support of friends! Find out the information here on Facebook. Thx for all your enthusiasm!!

And the results: hardware: 8.3/10; software: 8.4/10!

Want to practice even more? Here’s the choreo!

This was the final of my good friend Bas Huisman:

PS: watching this movie takes a bit of twisting your head…