IMstep: Elements of Fitness

IMstep: Elements of Fitness

International aerobics, dance & fitness convention in Leiden!

Presenters who want to share their creativity, energy and skills with both instructors and sport consumers. And an incredible line-up: Min Hee Bervoets (The Ultimate Dance Battle & So You Think You Can Dance), Lars Schuijling, Tim Broekhoven, David Van De Velde, Aneudi Cabral, Maaike and Biance Karel, Nathalie van Deventer and the event organizer himself: Danny Rust.

For this convention, I came up with the ‘Opposites Attract’ theme: dance vs step, hard vs soft, black vs white, hardstyle vs dance, advanced vs beginning… Download the Opposites Attract/Elements of Fitness flyer here:



12:30 h, room 1: Aneudi Cabral > Latino Heat
12:30 h, room 2: Nathalie van Deventer > HiLo Just Go With The Flow
13:30 h, room 1:Maaike & Bianca Karel > TTT HiLo 2 Funk
13:30 h, room 2: Tim Broekhoven > Party Step
14:30 h, room 1:  Min Hee Bervoets > Modern
14:30 h, room 2: David Van De Velde > Stepsations
15:30 h, room 1: Danny Rust > Mighty Dance Moves
15:30 h, room 2: Ilse Michiels > Dance + Step
16:30 h, room 1: Lars Schuijling > Streetdance
16:30 h, room 2: Burn Team > Burn

Info & tickets: or on facebook here.

Promo video: