IMsport: Join ‘We Love Step & Aerobic’

Fan of step & aerobic and living in or around the centre of Holland? Join our step & aerobic Facebook group: ‘We Love Step & Aerobic – MiddenNederland’.

In this group we post step & aerobic classes, conventions and workshops and other fun facts about these AWESOME sports. Everyone is welcome to join and share!

Lately, every time I get the chance to give a step or aerobic class, I invite some friends to join me. But I also like to visit colleagues who are giving step or aerobic classes and then invite friends to join me as well. Lots of the time, we use Facebook to pass along the message. As of now, we’ve created our own Facebook group so it is even easier to stay in touch, but also: to give every member of this group the opportunity to share new classes, conventions or events and ask others to join them.

I’m already in touch with some friends in the North and South part of the Netherlands to create an equal Facebook group and to invite step & aerobic fans to join those groups as well.

Step by step!!