IMstep: Freaky Sunday

IMstep: Freaky Sunday

Freaky Sunday is the perfect title for this step, aerobic & dance event. The Juin 2013 edition had step, Ragga and GRIT on the program. 4 hours of fun & workout and one of my first performances as a Rookie Presenter!

I was asked to give a ‘Mystery Step’. This got my creative brain running and I came up with a festival workout based on the MysteryLand hype. Complete with posters, flyers, festival bags, MysteryLand dj sounds and a creative step workout (step turned to the front), it was a great PARTY!!

Download the IMmysterystep flyer here: 



12:30 h: Anke Derks > Step 4 Everybody
13:30 h: Brigitte Sala > GRIT
14:10 h: Michel Looye > Ragga Latin Style
15:10 h: Brigitte Sala > GRIT
15:45 h: Ilse Michiels > Mystery Step


Promo movie: