IMstep: How To Be Creative Part I & II

IMstep: How To Be Creative Part I & II

How to be creative … in step-aerobic? This is a question every step instructor faces regularly, when having to come up with new routines.

Lars Schuijling has proven himself to be a very good step instructor and presenter, but my respect has even grown… because he shared with us his ambition: to get step-aerobics to a new level. First: by introducing standards (let’s all agree on what step 1, step 2, step 3 and step 4 is), second: by demanding from master instructors to regularly follow advanced classes to keep up, third: by sharing his wisdom with us.

In the first workshop (November 2012), he shared with us some creative techniques to create new routines. No new moves, but the creative thinking to come up with new moves!

In the second workshop (January 2013), he inspired us with three ways of turning the same routine into a totally different class and experience.

To all step-instructors: make sure you don’t miss out on a sequel of this workshop, definitely worth your time!! Check it out.