Ilse Michiels

My name is Ilse Michiels. My passions are marketing, sports and traveling. My motto in life is: “Dream, Dare, Do… Passionately”. I like to dream that one day I will be able to combine those three passions, that marketing & sports will take me around the world. In the meantime, I’m pursuing each one of these passions separately or combined.

I’m fond of coming up with new ideas and solutions, whether it is in the leisure, travel or any other industry. But also do I find it important to contribute to the realization of those ideas, good strategy and practice are mutually important.

When it comes to sports, my strengths and talents are to find in all what has to do with dance & aerobics. I like to choreograph, teach and create splendid experiences. It’s even more fun than performing. Much has been talked about “runner’s high”: when running a while, your body produces endorphines and more and you come into a certain ‘flow’, it gives you an amazing feeling. I believe there is also something like a “dancer’s high”: when dancing intensely for a while, you get into a flow and experience an amazing feeling. It’s that feeling that I want to experience and share with others, in every class, on every event.

My interests in life go even further than these three passions, but that’s probably the reason why I never get bored, why every day just has to little hours in it and why I am in love with life!

Enjoy your visit to my website and if you have an idea, question or other: leave a message or contact me!

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