I just LOVE Stand Up Paddle & I’m looking forward to share this passion, so others can enjoy this incredible sport which takes you outdoors, combines energy with tranquility and we’re just beginning to explore.

SUP or Stand Up Paddle looks a bit like surfing or canoeing and it originates from Hawaï. It has entered the Netherlands and Belgium already many years ago, but only recently did it become soo popular. I started in 2015 and immediately got infected with the SUP virus. I love doing sports as well as being outdoors, yet I had never experienced being out on the water. And living in the Netherlands since some years, where there is water all around, this turned out to be just my cup of tea. You can choose different sorts of Stand Up Paddling: (1) on the sea, like surfing (2) racing, all about speed and competition (3) touring, every time another tour which offers you different sceneries everywhere you go (4) workout, like yoga or fitness SUP. I prefer touring and workout, but I would also advise on sea and race SUP, please explore the many opportunities of this magnificent sport!

Since the beginning of 2017, I graduated in the ASI SUP Enclosed Flat Water training course and decided to combine my many years of fitness & aerobic experience with my newer skills in Stand Up Paddle. I’m always looking for new angles to challenge my creative mind and to inspire others in their workout. This is my new challenge, are you ready for it? Because, with this next step in my SUP adventure, it’s all about you and others, getting you to enjoy the fun and workout.

SUP life, SUP love, SUP 4 ever !


It all begins with getting to know how to hold your paddle, to keep your balance and to get ahead or make turns. It doesn’t take long to get acquainted with Stand Up Paddling and mostly, it’s a dry sport, but if you fall… it’s only water, who cares, take a dive and smile… it’s fun, it’s refreshing, it’s SUP!


We start with some cardio paddling, to get your heart rate up & your body in fatburning mode. Than we master a mixture of fitness moves, which train all your muscels. We’ll make another paddling tour and end with a stretch. All on our board, which challenges your muscels and stability.


A workout on the water (cardio paddling) with one on the shore (bootcamp). It’s intense, but that’s just the fun, isn’t it? Get sweaty. Don’t mind getting too hot…  there is always the opportunity to add a refreshing swim to this workout. Bootcamp is about challenging yourself, now take that workout one step further. Get out of your mind and into your body!


Want to get faster, to go further, to get better? Let’s take a look at your technique. I’ll happily share all the advise I got from different workshops, trainings and instructors. Whatever your goal, improving your technique helps you getting there. Like paddling from your core instead of your shoulders or having less sour muscels after a workout.


My favorite kind of Stand Up Paddling: take your board on a tour. I’ve enjoyed tours in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and I hope to add to this list. Challenge yourself in making a longer distance, enjoy a drink on a sunny terrace and look around, how you’re passing by nature, city and all kinds of life.


Very popular because of the tranquility which both Stand Up Paddling and Yoga brings. I’m no yoga professional, but I do know some yoga positions which you can practice on your board and how you can stretch and / or train your body. Yoga on a SUP board, that’s my kind of yoga! Let’s try it together.

Do you own a SUP club and need a SUP instructor, even if only by occasion? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Do you want to join or practice one of these workouts? Don’t hesitate to contact me.