#IMsolidsound: debut on Solid Sound convention!

A once in a lifetime experience… although it tastes for more! By winning AALO Rookie 2013, I was offered the chance to give a step workout at Solid Sound Convention edition september 2013. I wanted to give my all and I can say: I’ve done it. But not alone: with the help of Nico Dezaire and the support of many people!

IMsolidsound SolidSound convent AALO Rookie

Nico Dezaire is the author of 69 music books and is active as a violin teacher, theory teacher and introductional speaker for concerts of a number of professional orchestras. But what he did on Solid Sound was something totally different. He played electric violin on dance music several times during my workout and off-course: at the end, as a ‘grand finale’! It was new for the both of us. I hadn’t given step classes with live music (I had to keep in mind when Nico would be playing) and he doesn’t play this music every day, it was a very different setting and audiance than what he’s used to and he put a lot of preparation into giving a unique performance.

He’s a truely great artist, because what he brought to the stage and what he added to the step workout made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Because my step class was sold out already long time before date, we were invited to give the same class twice and we made a hell of a party… twice! It was off the roof… a great moment.

I want to thank Nico for a unique performance. But I also want to give a special thanks to:

  • AALO, SolidSound and Olaf Lensink for offering me the stage;
  • JannekeBakker, MirellaIacutone, Henri de Haas and Anke Derks for their guidance;
  • the Fit2Move and Fitnesshouse ‘toppers, Jean’Paul Hieuw Kin Koen, Manon Snijders, Frederike Cluistra, Romy Cluistra, Gabrielle Velo, Gerard Teunissen, Marjon Sjollema, Bart Verbeeck, my parents and friends and many, many more for their support and enthusiasm.

Dream, dare, do… #IMrookie!