It’s about giving my all and getting even more!

There are plenty of reasons why I do sports and why I teach sports. The sports I like the most are dance, all kinds of aerobics, mountainbike, mountain hiking and swimming. The sports I teach are dance and all kinds of aerobics. And the core reason for me to teach dance and aerobics is to inspire others to feel as happy, alive and full of energy as myself.

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  • AALO Aerobic Basic + Master
  • AALO Stepaerobic Basic + Master
  • AALO Fitness Basic
  • AALO Bodyshape
  • AALO How To Be Creative (by Lars Schuijling)
  • Nike Academy Advanced Aerobic (by David Van De Velde)
  • Nike Academy Advanced Stepaerobic (by Steve Boedt and Caroline Mervielde)
  • Nike Academy Funk & Hiphop (by David Van De Velde)
  • Nike Academy Bodyshape (by Steve Boedt and Caroline Mervielde)
  • Nike Academy Latin & Afro (by Steve Boedt and Caroline Mervielde)
  • Les Mills Bodypump
  • Les Mills Bodystep
  • Les Mills Bodyjam
  • Piloxing
  • ASI SUP Enclosed flat water

Titles and credits

  • AALO Rookie (2013)
  • AALO Presenter Prize (2012)

Instructor in…

  • Aerobic
  • Stepaerobic
  • Bodyshape
  • Intensity
  • Zumba
  • Dance (Jazz, Hiphop, Afro, Latin…)
  • Bodypump, Bodyjam, Sh’Bam
  • Piloxing
  • Stand Up Paddle


Looking for an instructor in Aerobic, Stepaerobic, Bodyshape, Bodypump or Stand Up Paddle?
Doesn’t have to be regular classes, I like the occasional classes. A new audience and surrounding is always a challenge!
By preference around Ankeveen (Hilversum – Utrecht – Amsterdam) and after 18:00h or in the weekends. (Still: all is possible, let’s discuss!)

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