Thank you trnd & here I come…!

Thank you trnd & here I come…!

Today I’m thanking my colleagues at trnd for a great time. It was a short and busy time with many projects to run or help running. trnd has an inspiring vision and is changing the world of communication; power to the people!

I support their vision 100% and wish them all the best in their ‘next level’! I’ve learnt a lot and I’m grateful for the chances they gave me. Still, I already noticed early on in my time at trnd that my job needs a totally different type of person. I wish for trnd and myself a better fit. I want to show more of my colours and shine, since that is when I’m most valuable for a company and for myself.

To strive for success is to be honest to yourself and aim high. Even though this means I am changing my life all over … again, but let’s be honest: I love changes, when they pave the path to new opportunities. And a new opportunity did cross my path…

Hello! As of the 1st of September, I am starting as Retail Campaign Manager for Belgium at To be offered the chance to join a winning team and to join their vision in being the best shop from the Netherlands and Belgium, that sounds like music to my ears. Being a Belgian (even more: a Flemish) in the Netherlands, comes in handy when helping the Retail Campaign team with their focus on Belgium. I’ve heard great things about this company, I see them winning one prize after the other and I have had my eye on them for a longer time… I’m eager to get started!… here I come, let’s rock & roll!

Note: I will no longer use the number 0031 631 789647. As of the 1st of September, I will have a new Dutch number. Until then, please reach me on my Belgian number: 0032 476 895409.