Feeling comfortable and self-assured in every possible marketing challenge


Making a meaningful impact, creating added value, developing myself & inspiring others by putting my strengths to work
in a time and again changing domain, discipline or situation

Target market

Companies located in the (central) Netherlands with a people-oriented and open working environment that focuses on results instead of process, which offers autonomy & demands ownership, preferably in detail/whole/online sales, tourism & leisure, media & communication, education & training


From strategy to execution, I’ll have us solving the marketing challenge in a smart and efficient way, involving all stakeholders & celebrating our successes

Functional USP’s

      • Easily adaptable to different business types (branch organization, SME, agency, start- or scale-up)
      • Experience in a wide range of disciplines (project mgt, operational mgt, B2C and B2B marketing, business development)
      • Comfortable in leading cross-functional teams (marketing, logistics, IT, security, legal, business)
      • Fast pace in absorbing a lot of knowledge, eager to think through complex situations and to really understand things, but as a means to an end: gathering knowledge to solve a specific task or problem
      • Advanced and accurate in structuring & managing complex projects

Emotional USP’s

    • Contagious energy, drive and temperament
    • Inspirator
    • Go-getter
    • Connector
    • Generalist
    • All-round expert
    • Busy bee
    • On top of things




Dream, dare, do… passionately

Cultural values

thoughtful – modest – sober – sincere – trustful


excited – ambitious – flexible – result-oriented – sympathetic – curious – impatient