Ilse Michiels



It’s about giving my all and getting even more in return.

Do you know this feeling: you’ve just had an awfull day, you’re exhausted but also stressed and allthough you just don’t feel like doing anything, somehow you did end up in the gym. And that’s you’re luck. Because once you start dancing, doing steps or aerobics or whatever workout it is you’re doing, you get excited, forget about your troubles and start smiling. That’s what sports does to me. It excites me, challenges me, helps me to put things in perspective.

I love this feeling, just as much as I like to share this feeling. To make others feel this way. To have them feel like the best dancer in the world, to give them an adrenaline rush, to see a smile appearing on their face and a twinkle in their eyes. That’s why I’ve been teaching steps, aerobics, dance and even Stand Up Paddle classes since my twenties.

Enjoy some pictures and movies about all the good times I had with all my sport buddies. I hope I can inspire you to get out, whether it is to do some kind of sport on your own or to go join a class. Have fun, forget about your worries and treat yourself!

“Dream, dare, do… passionately.”


  • AALO Aerobic Basic + Master
  • AALO Stepaerobic Basic + Master
  • AALO Fitness Basic
  • AALO Bodyshape
  • AALO How to be creative (by Lars Schuijling)
  • Nike Academy Advanced Aerobic (by David Van De Velde)
  • Nike Academy Advanced Stepaerobic (by Steve Boedt and Caroline Mervielde)
  • Les Mills Bodypump
  • Les Mills Bodystep
  • Les Mills Bodyjam
  • Piloxing
  • ASI SUP Enclosed Flat Water
Titles and credits
  • AALO Rookie
  • AALO Presenter Prize
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  • Ben Rietdijk Sport (Nieuw-Vennep, NL)
  • Boersma Sport (Amersfoort, NL)
  • Brightside Fitness (Amsterdam, NL)
  • Broertjes Sport & Health (Zeist, NL)
  • Centerparcs (Kempervennen, BE)
  • Bronks (Brussel, BE)
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  • Fitness Aalsmeer (Aalsmeer, NL)
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